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Frank Fredette II

In yesterday’s posting I listed the Frank Fredette drawings I have access to, but I didn’t mention the other Fredette designs that I know of. Particularly of interest is his design #75 the 54′ Fishing Motor Schooner of which there are a number of in BC. I’ll go through the Fredette designs I know of in chronological order.

Design #7, Auxiliary Schooner approx. 1930, 46’0″ by 12’9″ by 6’0″ . This is the sealing schooner which appeared in National Fisherman. I believe the schooner Favorite was built to this design by a John Anderson and launched in 1981.
Design #31, Gillnetter 1946 (Gabriola Island), 34’0″ by 9’1″ by 2’10”. Shallow draft river fisher. Drawings in Modern Wooden Yacht Construction.
Design #??, Troller Cruiser approx 1951, 44′ by 12’0″. Launched as Mar Jay En, re-named Secretary Isle, built J.H. Nicholson 1952 Victoria.
Design #??, Auxiliary Ketch, 38′. Currently named Night Wind, builder unknown to me.
Design #60, Auxiliary Cruising Ketch 1957, 42’0″ by 32’8″ by 12’0″ by 6’3″. Drawings in More Good Boats. First boat was Poseidon, built by Fegus Walker in Victoria, launched 1959, second hull called Roebuck Bay built Australia.
Design #67, Salmon Trolling Vessel 1961, 40’2″ by 38’3″ by 10’3″ by 5’1″ molded depth. Drawings in Modern Wooden Yacht Construction.
Design #75, Fishing Motor Schooner approx 1967?, 54′ by 14’8″ by 7’3″. I believe there are 5 versions of this design built. Pathfinder III 1969, Fearless II 1978 Thames Boatworks, LongFin 1979 Maple Bay, Summer Wind forward house troller version, And there’s a foam and glass one fishing out of Bamfield.
Also I know of the 36′ (originally, now 39′) Troller Silver Star No 1, original builder unknown to me.
Design #86, Dragger 1973, 80′ by 21’0″, draft 10’6″. Steel construction with aux. gaff ketch rig, Mr. Wind built North Vancouver and launched 1975-76
Design #??, Troller xxxx, Princess Patrica
Design #??, Troller? xxxx, North Foreland, double-ender now fishing in Alaska.

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