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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Harold Remmem and Remmem Boat Works

Harold Remmem and Remmem Boat Works The 1960’s were boom years for wooden boat builders in BC. Remmem Boat Works was one of many busy shops building fishboats on the Fraser River. Rob Morris of Western Mariner relates that in the 1960’s the Remmem shop had a 10 man crew building three boats at a[.....]

Vito Dumas and Lehg II

It’s almost 70 years since Vito Dumas sailed around the world alone in his 31’6″ Manuel Campos designed Lehg II. In 272 days at sea he sailed approximately 20,400 miles Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires through the roaring 40’s with stops at Cape Town, Wellington NZ, and Valparaiso, Chile. First Singlehander to survive rounding the[.....]

Sail Assisted Powerboats

This is a type we see very seldom any more. The sail-assisted powerboat or as this design from Al Mason is termed, an “Auxiliary Motor Cruiser”. I guess the auxiliary part is the short sail plan. Having just heard from the owner of the new Timbercoast Troller concerning performance under sail, a short rig coupled[.....]

The Real Weight of Powerboats

There is currently a moderate amount of interest by both designers and consumers in lighter weight (displacement) powerboats. The sketch above is a 11,000 pound displacement 35′ boat. At this weight she can just manage a top speed of 12 knots (in flat water) with a single 60HP outboard, burning 6usg per hour, roughly 2[.....]