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Chinook – Garden designed heavy cruiser

Chinook is gone now, I believe she burned in a marina fire around 2011. Her design is a stock troller from William Garden, available in 38′, 42′, and 48′ sizes. Chinook is the smallest, 38′ LOA with 11′ beam and 5′ draft. She was built in the late 1950’s (or early 60’s) by Jim Emmett[.....]

Harold Remmem and Remmem Boat Works

Harold Remmem and Remmem Boat Works The 1960’s were boom years for wooden boat builders in BC. Remmem Boat Works was one of many busy shops building fishboats on the Fraser River. Rob Morris of Western Mariner relates that in the 1960’s the Remmem shop had a 10 man crew building three boats at a[.....]

Elegant Motoryachts

Elegance is a quality missing for some time in motoryacht design….but what is elegance and how could one define this? Our Oxford dictionary defines elegance as “dignified richness and grace”. This sounds good to me, dignity is sadly lacking in much of yacht design with our “over the top” mentality. Forty foot boats with 4[.....]