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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Elegant Motoryachts

Elegance is a quality missing for some time in motoryacht design….but what is elegance and how could one define this? Our Oxford dictionary defines elegance as “dignified richness and grace”. This sounds good to me, dignity is sadly lacking in much of yacht design with our “over the top” mentality. Forty foot boats with 4[.....]

Sailing Cruisers in 2020

SAILING CRUISERS IN 2020 What will the famous cruisers of 2020 look like? Will they be high tech canting keel carbon fiber wonders, or will they be simple wooden boats with few “modern” “inconveniences”. We have gone through a phase…the 1980’s-90’s…..of cruiser’s expecting to take it all with them. Boats got bigger (fatter and heavier),[.....]

Small Cruising Ketches

In the first of these articles on traditional small cruising boats we’ll look at the Sea Spirit, a 31′ ketch designed by Hugh Angleman and Victor Ward. These drawings were published in Sea and Pacific Motor Boat of May, 1962. The Sea Spirit is very much a smaller version of Angleman’s famous earlier design, the[.....]

TimberCoast Troller 22

TimberCoast 22 is the newest member of the BARTENDER family