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TimberCoast Troller 22

TimberCoast 22 is the newest member of the BARTENDER family — a capable and efficient long range mini-cruiser. In shaping the hull of the TimberCoast 22 I kept the original Bartender form in mind but included additional criteria. While maintaining the seaworthiness of the older sibling, the new boat is to be more fuel efficient at low speed. She had to be visually similar to her older (and faster) sister, but I wanted the longest possible waterline to reduce wavemaking and form drag. She needed to be simple to build while being hydrodynamically suited to low speed efficiency. The final key operational requirement is excellent controllability at low speed, cruising, trolling, and maneuvering, without the flightiness of a planning hull.

  • Specifications

    • LOA 21' 10"
    • Beam 7' 4"
    • Displacement 3600 lbs
    • Draft 2' 5"

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