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Frank Fredette II

In yesterday’s posting I listed the Frank Fredette drawings I have access to, but I didn’t mention the other Fredette designs that I know of. Particularly of interest is his design #75 the 54′ Fishing Motor Schooner of which there are a number of in BC. I’ll go through the Fredette designs I know of[.....]

William Garden

William Garden was, and continues to be, an inspiration as well as instructor and advisor. In my work his writings and drawings are still (in our modern design age!) some of my most often used references. The maxims he gave me in our rare phone conversations are passed on to every aspiring designer who contacts[.....]

Frank Fredette

Francis E. Fredette was born in 1893 and first went to sea as cabin boy on a sealing schooner, the Eva Marie, out of Victoria. The six month winter voyage to the Bering Sea and Pribiloff Islands provided young Frank with the experience of a lifetime, and the basis of a life in boats. Pelagic[.....]


The auction of our YAG’s is now complete. The six ships brought a total of $26,537.80, an average sale price of $4422.56, which is peanuts for a 75′ heritage vessel, with twin engines, electronics, and all systems. It’s not that I think they should have sold at higher prices, after all these are 55 year[.....]

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