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In my previous post concerning design ideas I mentioned Stormvogel, now let’s have a look at her. In the photo above, taken by Beken and Son, she is “charging through the Solent in the 1961 Cowes Regatta” (from Laurent Giles and his Yacht Designs). She had just been launched that year after building in South[.....]

Working Schooners

I was wondering about the web last night when I became aware that the term “Working Schooner” might be in danger from copy writers in Hollywood. Due to the recent popularity of certain Disney movies, what were formerly honest working vessels are being converted to “Pirate Ships”. Instead of hauling cargo, carrying paying passengers, or[.....]

Design Ideas and their History

Design Ideas Where do ideas come from? It’s a long and tortuous path. Today I happened to note an arrangement concept for a new design by Gerry Dijkstra that seems to be directly descended from one I conceived 15 years ago. For me the roots of this idea lie in the 1961 E.G. Van De[.....]

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