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Electric Launch

I designed the Electric Launch for Barefoot Wooden Boats in the fall of 2005. She was built at the Shipyard School by students Amie and Jason under the direction of instructor Al Brunt over the 05-06 winter and launched in April of 2006. Dimensions are 15′ length overall, 4’6″ beam, and a draft of 13″ at a 1000 pounds displacement. In my opinion she is one of the best built boats to come out of the School. The boat was launched with a 6HP Eteck motor, 10″ prop, 4:1 belt drive reduction, and a locally built motor controller. There were problems with the controller and the reduction systems. The boat languished in a shed, then went out in the weather.

In support of the Barefoot R2ak entry the Launch is now for sale here in Silva Bay. She needs some love and a complete refinishing, but otherwise is in good condition. There is no motor or controller, no trailer, but there is a propeller shaft and rudder. She would be great with a small diesel, electric motor, or converted to outboard power. Asking price is $3500 in April of 2015. Current condition as the pictures below show.

The boat is SOLD

Port bow of the Electric Launch

Profile of the Electric Launch

Electric Launch stern quarter

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