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Canadian Navy YAG’s for sale

Crown assets is selling off our historic vessels to the highest bidder…..This month six, 75′ wooden YAG’s (Yard Auxiliary General) will be auctioned off. Not only are these significant to Canadian Naval history, having trained thousands of naval personel, but they are fine examples of 1950’s British Colombian boatbuilding. The original contract (let in 1952) was for 4 vessels, two to be built at Withey’s Shipyard in Silva Bay on Gabriola Island, and another two to be built at Mercer’s Shipyard in New Westminster. Ultimately 6 were built, 5 at Withey’s and one at Mercer. The 306 (Grizzly) and 308 (Cougar) were delivered by Withey’s in 1954 and the 312 (Otter built by Mercer), 314 (Caribou), 319 (Badger), and 320 (Lynx) were all delivered in 1955…….

The boats are 75′ overall, beam is 18’6″, draft is quite light at about 4’6″, measured tonnage is about 60, and they are powered by twin 6-71 Detroit Diesels. The boats are arranged in typical naval fashion with officer’s housed forward with the galley and their own head, an engineroom midships, and cadet room aft with 12-14 bunks in double tiers……

As they were all decommissioned in 2008 the boats have been neglected for 3 years and really need some intimidate maintenance, but with no minimum bid they represent a great deal of boat for not much cash initially……The work involved to convert and preserve will be considerable though……..

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