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Double-Ended Trollers

Here are some pictures of the little double-ended troller Full Moon. She was built in 1959 by the Wahl Boatyard Ltd at Dodge Cove in Prince Rupert. Gross tonnage is 10.12, she is 33′ long, 10’8″ wide, and 5’1″ deep. I believe the boat is currently based in Nanaimo.

It’s somewhat surprising to see that small double-enders were still being built as late as 1959. One can see a very close relationship between this hull and the Sea Star, built by Matsumoto in Prince Rupert 25 years earlier, in 1934. Sea Star is 14″ narrower and deeper with slack bilges, where I imagine Full Moon has less deadrise and more volume down low. The next 5 years, into the early 1960’s, would see a huge growth in the BC troller fleet, and massive jumps in boat size.


troller Full Moon

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