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Norgale, a Troller design by William Reid

The Norgale is a William Reid design built in the Williams Boat Works shop in Sointula and launched in 1964. Actually this is the second Norgale built by the Williams family, the first one (41′ troller built by Albert W. Williams in 1949) became the Evelyn Gale. This Norgale is a big boat, 46′ by 14’6″.

The photo above illustrates just one of the designer’s and builder’s problems. Note the run of the sheer and the odd upswing to the main guard at it’s forward end. This is the result of flaring bow sections and trying to leave the guard to lay along a natural curve. From some angles it will look fine, from amidships back to the stern. But from forward it just runs oddly. This is why I’m thankful for my 3D modeling software (Rhinoceros). You can see the only cure for this is to change the sheer if you must retain those flaring sections, perhaps that’s why the Wahl boats (among others) developed such high and full sheer lines.

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