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Design History

IDAHO – A Lee & Brinton Halibut Schooner

A couple of beautiful prints sent to me by John Rawlings. This is the Lee & Brinton design for Idaho, launched by Nilson & Kelez in Seattle in 1912. Idaho was 78′4″ x 19′5″ x 9′3″ and 76 gross tons. In the drawing the engine appears to be a three cylinder, and John reports original[.....]

Edwin Monk Sr. and Lorne Garden

From the late 1940’s into the 1950’s, Edwin Monk Sr. and Lorne Garden were partners in the firm of Edwin Monk Naval Architects. Lorne was the older brother of better known Seattle/Victoria designer William Garden. Very little is said about Lorne in the available printed references. Ed Monk Jr. recalls visiting the[.....]

The Wanderer Class Diesel Cruiser

The Wanderer Class cruiser was designed by William Garden in about 1963. The idea of a tri-cabin diesel cruiser of a West Coast style was arguably originally created by Edwin Monk Sr., but there were others before him I’m sure. The tri-cabin arrangement (boats with a foc’sl, raised pilothouse, and aft cabin) was[.....]

Norgale, a Troller design by William Reid

The Norgale is a William Reid design built in the Williams Boat Works shop in Sointula and launched in 1964. Actually this is the second Norgale built by the Williams family, the first one (41′ troller built by Albert W. Williams in 1949) became the Evelyn Gale. This Norgale is a big boat,[.....]

Westcoast Troller hull form

Above is the troller Anna B, built in 1968 at Maderia Park by Fred Crosby. Apparently Fred built 5 or 6 boats in the late 60’s, but that’s about all I know of him. The Anna B is the only one I can find in the Ship’s Registry. Other boats built by Fred[.....]

I Hate Perfect Boats

I hate perfect boats. That’s not really true, I can appreciate all the work and effort required to achieve a perfect coat of paint or varnish. And I can appreciate replacing rotted wood with new. But often it seems as if history is being re-written, as if all the hard knocks of real life[.....]

Harold Remmem and Remmem Boat Works

Harold Remmem and Remmem Boat Works The 1960’s were boom years for wooden boat builders in BC. Remmem Boat Works was one of many busy shops building fishboats on the Fraser River. Rob Morris of Western Mariner relates that in the 1960’s the Remmem shop had a 10 man crew building three boats at[.....]

Sail Assisted Powerboats

This is a type we see very seldom any more. The sail-assisted powerboat or as this design from Al Mason is termed, an “Auxiliary Motor Cruiser”. I guess the auxiliary part is the short sail plan. Having just heard from the owner of the new Timbercoast Troller concerning performance under sail, a[.....]

Documenting Historic BC Boats

BC BOATS PROJECT Today my son and I were looking at the Nanceda construction drawing by Robert Allan published in the opening pages of Alan Haig-Brown’s Fishing for A Living. Keel, 11 ½” sided, 13 ½” molded, Fir, Shelf 4×10, Clamp 4×12, Horn Timber, Fir, sided 16”, Stem 10×18, Gum…..and so on. Every piece[.....]

The Hickman Sea Sled and Boston Whaler

The Hickman Sea Sled and the Boston Whaler When Albert Hickman launched the first Sea Sled in about 1913, she was revolutionary. A lightweight box which flew across the top of the water using an (also revolutionary) surface piercing propeller. Compared to the narrow and heavy boats of the day, the “sled” was stunningly fast.[.....]

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